Manufacturer of Single Girder EOT Crane in india

Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India

Understanding Single Girder EOT Cranes

In material handling, precision and reliability are the norms. They are needed for efficiency and safety. EOT Crane Manufacturers make critical tools. They lift and move heavy loads. They work in industries like power, shipbuilding, construction, and manufacturing. Among the configurations, single girder EOT cranes are versatile and cheap. They open up a whole new way of handling moderate loads with ease.

It is based on the most recent Indian specifications and was created by Keshav Industries, a single girder EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The crane's dimensions exhibit great precision. Additionally, the Keshav Sectors EOT crane is a flexible option for most industries from a functional standpoint. You might use the device for many years because of its durable design. This crane helps you move a lot of weight because of its small size and modular construction. Manufacturers have designed single EOT cranes using high-quality wire rope hoists. We are the leading suppliers of Single Girder EOT cranes. We offer a wide range of products, including double girder EOT cranes, single girder EOT cranes, and Jb cranes.

Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

This is to give an overview of features, applications, and benefits that make the single-girder EOT cranes very important in modern industrial operations.

Single Girder EOT Cranes are simple. They have only a single horizontal bridge girder. It is supported by end trucks on either side. This design assures optimum headroom clearance and allows for smooth movement along the runway. A hoist is mounted to a bridge girder. It allows for precise lifting and lowering of the load.

The Single Girder EOT Cranes run on rails mounted on top of the crane runway beams or Gantry Girders. The crane has bridge girders. They are made of rolled sections. These sections include I beams, U beams, and fabricated box sections.

The bridge girder is carried by the two end carriages that are fitted with a pair of wheels. The motor gearbox units are fitted with the driving wheels. The crane can be controlled by a pendant station suspended from the wire rope hoist or by a radio remote control. The pendent station can be made to move independently of the hoist movement according to customer preference.

Benefits of Single Girder EOT Crane

  • Cost-effective : A single girder EOT crane is a low-cost load-lifting device. It can be used for many applications. Compared to double girder cranes, they are lightweight. They only have to bear the load of one bridge girder, hence the low dead weight.
  • Effectiveness : EOT cranes have a single girder design. But, all their parts have been highly tested to make them last a long time. The motor and gearbox are part of the smooth hoisting mechanism. They are very reliable. A faultless architecture guarantees high uptime and low requirements for maintenance.
  • Consistent performance: Single girders are torsionally rigid. They let us use all the available space and height. State-of-the-art technology and materials used in these products make the cranes user-friendly. You can continue using the equipment for tough jobs. It needs minimal maintenance.
  • Highly customizable :EOT crane single girder is flexible enough to go with your already installed structures without changing them much. Cranes can be customized into many manners so as to suit your working requirements.

Our Selection of Items

Pre-Engineered Buildings, or PEB Sheds

Our PEB shelters are made to be exceedingly efficient and sturdy. We serve various sectors by providing specialised solutions that adhere to unique specifications.

  • Customisation: Designs made to order to meet precise business requirements.
  • Durability: capable of withstanding challenging environmental occasions.
  • Efficiency: The installation process is quick and easy

EOT Cranes with a Single Girder

We provide top-rate single-girder EOT cranes. They are critical for the material handling needs. These needs are in manufacturing and production.

  • Precision: Designed to elevate items precisely and successfully.
  • Safety: Outfitted with modern-day protection mechanisms.
  • Performance: Guarantees dependable and powerful functioning.

Special Features of modular cranes

The following are some of the unique characteristics of the single-girder EOT crane:

  • Light Weight and compact construction minimizing building loads and space saving
  • Suitable for Light and Medium duty workshop applications
  • All motors are TEFC with class F insulation
  • Heavy duty cast steel rope guide
  • Pendent and Radio remote control operation
  • Upper and Lower hook travel limit switch
  • Additional Counter weight operated over hoist limit switch as option
  • VF drives are available as an option
  • Compact and lightweight festoon cable system
  • Vibration reduction and stability

Our Leadership

Keshav IND has built a stable reputation in the enterprise. They did it with the aid of upholding excessive requirements Single Girder EOT Crane for the best and client delight.

We've usually produced merchandise that exceeds expectations. This has constructed enduring connections with our clients.

  • Dependability: a record of keeping one's phrase.
  • Positive evaluations and an excessive consumer retention fee suggest excessive client pleasure.
  • Observance of the very best industry requirements is a nice assurance.

Our Proficiency

Our group of professionals has years of experience in business. They are devoted to offering creative solutions that help our clients succeed.

Expert Experts

Our crew is filled with talented people. Single Girder EOT Crane brings a large number of competencies and information to each undertaking.

  • Engineers with experience are masters of each format and execution.
  • Devoted Support Team: Committed to providing first-rate consumer care
  • Observance of the very best industry requirements is a nice assurance.

Modern Technology

We use cutting-edge technology. It ensures that our merchandise exceeds industry standards.

  • Advanced Manufacturing: Making use of cutting-edge devices
  • High precision inside the creation of merchandise: precision engineering
  • Continuous Improvement: We update and decorate our processes often

Just why select Keshav Ind?

By choosing Keshav Ind, you are joining a business dedicated to your success. It's not just about selling a product.

  • All-inclusive Solutions: A big selection of products to meet various commercial needs.
  • Reliable Partner: A well-known organisation in the area with a solid track record.
  • Customer-centric approach: committed to imparting exceptional value to our clients.

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