Single Girder EOT Crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Understanding the Key Components of a Single Girder EOT Crane

Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer

Leading Supplier of high quality Single Girder EOT Crane & Single Girder eot Crane manufacturer in ahmedabdad, gujarat, india. These Single Girder EOT Cranes are used for the lifting the objects with the help of the hoist that are attached with a trolley. Besides these the cranes are available in the wide ranges that possess the load capacity of the 0.5 to the 25 tons and also available in the height varies from 5 feet to more than the 100 feet. This single girder crane can be used as per the requirement and are best choice to be used for the material management.

We are the Indian manufacturer of Single Girder EOT Cranes. These cranes are very useful in material handling and have a wide range of industrial uses. Whether an EOT crane is a single or double girder crane depends on the number of girders. These EOT cranes are referred to as single girder EOT cranes since they only have one girder.

Single Girder EOT CRANE manufacturers in ahmedabad

Key Components of a Single Girder EOT Crane

Single girder electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes are essential in many industrial settings. They provide a reliable means to lift and transport heavy loads efficiently. To appreciate how these cranes function, it's important to understand their key components. Let's dive into the main parts that make up a single girder EOT crane and explore their roles.

  • Girder :-
  • The crane's girder serves as its structural core. One horizontal beam that covers the width of the area it serves is found in a single girder crane. The trolley and the hoist are supported by this girder. Usually composed of sturdy steel to withstand the weighty loads and strain.

  • End Trucks
  • End trucks are located at both ends of the girder. These components are equipped with wheels that allow the entire crane to move along the runway beams. The movement of the end trucks enables the crane to cover a larger workspace, making it versatile for various applications.

  • Hoist
  • The crane's lifting mechanism is called the hoist. It moves up and down to raise or lower goods, and it is coupled to the trolley. Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic hoists are the most often used types because of their efficiency and user-friendliness.

  • Trolley
  • The hoist is carried by the trolley, which is fixed to the girder. The hoist is positioned over the weight that has to be raised as it travels horizontally down the girder's length. The crane's flexibility is derived from this horizontal movement in conjunction with the hoist's upward movement.

  • Electrical System
  • The movement and functions of the crane are powered by the electrical system. It consists of control panels, wiring, and other electrical parts that make sure everything works smoothly. To prevent downtime and guarantee safety, the electrical system must be properly maintained.

Where Double Girder EOT Cranes are used?

  • Automobile Industry
  • Container and Handling
  • General Manufacturing
  • Paper Industries
  • Heavy Metal Product Handling Industries

Service and Maintenance of Single Girder EOT Crane

Here’s a guide to understanding the essential aspects of servicing and maintaining your single girder EOT crane.

  • Regular Inspections
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Wire Rope and Chain Maintenance
  • Electrical System Check
  • Brake System Maintenance
  • Testing and Calibration


To guarantee safe and effective operations, a Single Girder EOT Crane requires routine repair and maintenance. You can greatly increase the lifespan of your crane and preserve a secure working environment by adhering to a thorough maintenance schedule that includes routine inspections, lubrication, wire rope and chain maintenance, electrical system checks, brake maintenance, testing, calibration, and cleaning. In order to ensure that your crane continues to operate at its best for many years to come, proper documentation and training are also necessary to support these efforts.

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